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Taste the lifestyle of a 19th century oil mill

Aceites García Morón opens its doors and invites the visitor to walk through a 19th century winery and witness the place where the old oil mill used to be where our ancestors milled and obtained olive oil.

Elaboration and tasting of olive oil

Throughout this tour will be known the process of making olive oils, their properties and will introduce the visitor to the fundamental aspects of the tasting of oils.

An immersion in the nature and the environment of the Andalusian olive grove

Depending on the season, climate and organization, you can enjoy the rural experience of admiring in the heart of the farm one of the farmhouses known as “El Majuelo”, a sample of the link between man and nature where vineyards and products originally originated. the orchard were the main crops in that environment.

The visit where the old oil mill was located can be individually or in groups organized through a didactic tour in which the visitor can make a composition of the past, present and future of the sector.

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Visit and discover Arjonilla

Within the town of Arjonilla we propose other tourist routes of interest, such as the Castle of the Trovador Macias, the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación, the underground refuge of the Civil War and several museums of local artists and popular customs.

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