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A company with olive tradition since 1850.

Since 1850 Aceites García Morón has developed the cultivation of olive trees. Our traditionally leading farms in terms of the use, improvement and application of new agricultural technologies, have given the best results of productivity and quality.

GARCÍA MORÓN offers consumers the ESSENCE AND SOLERA of our olive grove, taking them back to the origin of the flavour.

Each olive oil has been carefully selected by our tasting experts.

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Olive variety that is grown

The variety cultivated mainly by Aceites García Morón is the PICUAL, characterized by giving oils of greenish and yellowish tones, its smell is fruity and fresh, its flavor predominates a slight bitterness with intense taste to the olive itself. Its high polyphenol content makes it the most stable variety that exists.

Traditional olive grove

It supposes a 60% of the surface of the Group Garci`a Morón dedicated to the culture of the olive tree. The characteristics are traditional tillage, cultivated vegetable cover and a density with a frame of 10 x 10 (100 olive trees per ha.)

Intensive olive grove

In the last century, in the 70`s, Aceites García Morón incorporates intensive cultivation in some of its plantations, nowadays accounting for 30% of the cultivated area. This olive growing is characterized by plantations of olive trees with only one foot with two or three main branches to facilitate harvesting.

Super-intensive olive grove

The Group is developing 10% of the cultivated area new planting techniques based on hedge cultivation:

  • Selection of certified plants.
  • Maximum mechanization of the crop and harvesting.
  • Rationalization of land use and the availability of water and nutrients.

Aceite García Morón Extra Virgin Family Selection

Greenish-yellow in colour, it is balanced in bitterness and pungency, with a fruity touch and rich in polyphenols and natural antioxidants.

Our customers love us

Here's what some of them say...


The attention of the staff has always been unbeatable.

It is an oil of excellent quality and with an exquisite flavour, both the filtered one for stews and the unfiltered one extracted from green olives, especially for raw use, which is where its flavour is most appreciated.

BEGOÑA Iturria

More than 150 years of history and tradition

It has an almanzara to visit from the beginning of the 20th century. Very well illustrated and documented tour. Special mention to the layout of the museum that shows the evolution of the almanzaras in the last 150 years.

David Peña

They are the "Black Leg" of oil.

Aceites García Morón is one of the best oils I have ever tasted.

J. M. Miró

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