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Aceite García Morón Extra Virgin Family Selection

A luxury for the senses

This extremely high quality natural product preserves the flavour, aroma, vitamins and all the nutrients of the picual olive. It has a pleasant fruity smell and an exquisite flavour, as only the best olives from the harvest are used. It is a very healthy oil due to its low acidity, less than 0.4º.

Our olive trees grow in the region of Sierra Morena and Campiña Norte de Jaén and are located in the northwest of the province.

The GARCÍA MORÓN family has been producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1850.

García Morón directly cultivates some 400 hectares of olive groves and mills the fruit of a further 1,000 hectares belonging to small and medium-sized farmers, guaranteeing its customers a natural, high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Picual and Arbequina varieties.


In this video you can find out much more about the García Morón family. Immerse yourself in the heart of Andalusia, where one of the best olive oils in the world is produced.

We hope you like it.

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