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Beneficios del aceite de oliva

Benefits of olive oil

All foods have benefits for the body, each one is different from another and sometimes they can have similar benefits, there are also some foods with more benefits for us than others. Olive oil is one of the most beneficial foods that we can take in our daily lives, but this does not mean that we should not take a lot of it, we should only take the recommended amount, which is about four tablespoons (40 millilitres).

These are some of the benefits of olive oil:

  • Improved circulation is one of the beneficial effects of olive oil, reducing the risk of suffering from circulation problems in the legs and arms by 66%. This is due to the fatty acids in olive oil, which increase arterial vasodilation, improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure.
  • It is very good for combating constipation thanks to its laxative effect and regulates intestinal transit.
  • Boosts the immune system against viruses by helping against bacterial and viral infections.
  • It helps to control cholesterol by increasing good cholesterol (HDL) and decreasing bad cholesterol (LDL) thanks to oleic acid.
  • Aids digestive function by controlling stomach acidity.
  • Contains a high amount of vitamins A, D, E and K, which have many beneficial functions such as bone maintenance, antioxidant, blood coagulation regulator, etc.
  • It controls diabetes by helping to control blood glucose and also helps to lower triglycerides.
  • Delays ageing due to the high concentration of polyphenols which are a natural antioxidant that delays wrinkles in the skin and vitamin E or K that delay the ageing of cells.
  • Helps weight loss by accelerating metabolism and eliminating unhealthy fats, reduces the sensation of appetite thanks to its oleic acid content.
  • Helps relieve joint pain thanks to oleocanthal which is a natural anti-inflammatory compound, it also reduces muscle pain.
  • It helps the memory by reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and protects the ability to learn thanks to vitamins E and K and polyphenols.

Benefits of olive oil for the skin

But it not only has benefits when ingested, it also has beneficial properties for the body when used as a cosmetic, here are a few examples:

  • Removes make-up and sunscreen residues, knowing that daily sun protection is a very important part of skin care, it is just as important to cleanse the skin. As cleansing the skin is so important, we should avoid using aggressive cleansing products as this will ultimately damage the skin in the long run, increasing dryness and sensitivity of the skin. That is why it is recommended to use more effective and non-damaging ingredients, such as those based on oil or oil itself.

  • It protects and moisturises the skin, even the most sensitive skin is able to help with that. As it has superb moisturising and nourishing properties to hydrate both facial and body skin, its use is highly recommended. Add to this a high content of vitamins K, D, A and E and olive oil is ideal for protecting, especially in the colder times of the year, and nourishing the skin, even the most sensitive. We recommend using three drops of olive oil in your daily routine to massage your face, or use it before your moisturiser or mix it with your moisturiser.
Beneficios del aceite de oliva para la piel

  • It helps to repair damaged skin tissues thanks to the different vitamins it contains with regenerative and healing properties. After all, the skin is our most extensive and important organ as it protects us from external elements such as the sun, which is why it is important to take proper care of it. It also helps to combat acne and other pathologies such as rosacea and psoriasis, soothing inflammation.
  • Helps fight ageing thanks to its high polyphenol content, olive oil has antioxidant and anti-ageing properties, helping against the formation of free radicals that are the culprits of cell ageing.
  • It revitalises and strengthens the tone of the skin tissue due to its high vitamin and mineral content and its natural fatty acid content. Extra virgin olive oil can also help revitalise facial skin, making it smooth, toned and glowing. And oleic acid helps to stimulate cell regeneration in the skin, giving it elasticity and a natural glow.

Therefore, we can affirm that olive oil is a great help for skin care and it is highly recommended to use it on a daily basis both for food and cosmetics.

Benefits of olive oil for hair

But not only does it help the skin as a cosmetic, it is also great for the hair, and we will now explain how it benefits our hair.

Beneficios del aceite de oliva para el pelo

Basically for the above benefits such as antioxidants, moisturising properties, toning, high in vitamin E, polyphenols and oleic acid are what make them beneficial for our hair providing the following:

  • Helps its natural hydration
  • Makes it grow faster
  • Helps improve split ends
  • Makes hair grow healthier, shinier and stronger
  • Nourishes and repairs hair
  • Improves hair elasticity
  • Strengthens hair follicles preventing hair breakage and hair loss

These are all the benefits that olive oil has as a cosmetic and as a food, which as we can see are very many. This is why olive oil is highly recommended in our daily lives, either as a food or as a cosmetic, ideally in both forms on a daily basis.

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