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Extenda highlights the work of Aceites García Morón to promote the Andalusia brand

In issue 176 of Óleo Magazine we dedicated an extensive article to the museum project of Aceites García Morón as an innovative example of olive oil tourism.

Recently, Extenda has highlighted the good work of this same company and praised its track record which, they point out, has been fundamental for the record exports achieved by Andalusia last year 2018, when it exceeded 32,000 million euros in sales abroad.

Exports are one of the most important sales channels for this family business from Arjonilla, as 50% of its turnover comes from international sales. Aceites García Morón sells on every continent and, as its manager, Juan Manuel García, states, “the Andalusia brand has become a seal of guarantee and international quality in the olive oil sector”. The support of Extenda has been fundamental to this task, as Juan Manuel García acknowledges.

Extenda does a very important job in promoting Andalusian companies and products. It does an extremely important job of accompanying us so that we do not feel alone.

Aceites García Morón is a company founded in 1850 that produces 90% of its oils from the Picual variety. Its annual production reaches 2,000 tons of virgin olive oil, marketed both in bulk and in bottles through its brand García Morón.

Fuente: oleorevista.com.

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