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Que es el ácido oleico

What is Oleic Acid?

Oleic acid is typical of vegetable oils such as olive oil, it is a monounsaturated fatty acid of the omega 9 series. It has many health-promoting properties. One of its best known properties is that it increases good cholesterol (HDL) and decreases bad cholesterol (LDL).

Another of its benefits is that it can act as a hypotensive, which means that it reduces blood pressure. It is also capable of reducing triglycerides in the blood. It reduces insulin resistance. It reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. It increases defences by increasing the development of lymphocytes and increasing their activation.

Good for the body if ingested, as a cosmetic it is very good. Oleic acid is often used in many skin creams as it is very moisturising and is perfect for dry skin. It also reduces irritation of sensitive skin and helps to soothe the skin.

Oleic Acid is good for hair

El ácido oleico es muy bueno para el cabello

Oleic acid is very good for the hair and provides the following:

  • Helps its natural hydration.
  • Makes it grow healthier, shinier and stronger.
  • Nourishes and repairs hair.
  • Helps to improve split ends.

Other Oleic Acid Benefits

El ácido oleico es bueno para el estómago

Another very good acid is caprylic acid which has many benefits:

  • It mainly benefits the stomach, as it acts as an acidity balancer and this is very important for an organ that uses acidity to do its job.
  • It helps the effects of high blood pressure, especially in combating bacterial and fungal infections.
  • It has a future to help treat Crohn’s disease, it is still being studied, but at the moment it looks promising.
  • It speeds up the convalescence period after surgical operations.
  • It is used as maintenance therapy for some chronic diseases.
  • It is an alternative for treating epilepsy when conventional treatments have no effect.
  • Used in medicine for cleaning, as a pesticide and disinfectant in food equipment.
  • Used as a natural treatment for candida yeast.

This type of acid is more difficult to find, but can be found in palm oil, hemp seed or coconut oil. A hydrolysis process is used to extract it.

But the one that is easiest to find is oleic acid, which is present to a greater extent in olive oil. It is therefore highly recommended that olive oil be consumed and used on a daily basis in order to enjoy all the benefits of oleic acid. Olive oil also has many other health benefits that are unrelated to oleic acid. This makes it much more beneficial to take oleic acid through olive oil than through other foods, as it does not have as many health benefits.

In conclusion, the ideal is to take olive oil daily, without overdoing it, and caprylic acid as a dietary supplement.

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